Meet Cats MSDA

The Industrial Engineering Class of 2023 at Kansas State
University has taken the necessary steps to produce a top-tier product, with
the highest degree of quality. Our products have been designed, manufactured, and
sold on behalf of our Manufacturing Systems Design Analysis (MSDA) class.

  • Kansas Christmas Ornament

    The Christmas Ornament is crafted with durable Red Oak and vibrant Purple Heart wood. Its' shape represents the great state of Kansas, displaying the state's most prominent feature, the Missouri River. A Powercat marks the location of Manhattan KS, the home of Kansas State University.

  • Serving Tray

    The 18"x12" serving tray was engineered with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The design utilizes Red-Oak wood with a Dark Walnut-Wood stain finish. Inside the tray, customers will find a blowtorch-burned Powercat that gives a desirable and eye-catching appearance in contrast to the stained wood. The front side of the tray depicts a student-designed “K-State” brand unique to this product.